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J Galenti aka "JustScience" is a multimedia artist and music producer in Santa Fe, NM. Born in Buffalo, NY trained in Chicago, IL and polished in the Bay Area, CA - J.Sci has a wide range of musical styles and artistic talents and now runs his production company in the mountains of Santa Fe. As a digital artist, J's skills range from photo manipulation and motion graphics to sound design and video editing. He has also excelled in interface & web design, special effects compositing, and videography. With J's wide range of interests and skills, he has dubbed the movement of "the New Renaissance" with a focus on his "JustScience" philosophy. If you feel J could be the right artist for your next multimedia project, please contact IN:DEEP Arts for a custom project quote through < contact@indeeparts.net >

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Music, Film, Art, Design, Culinary Arts, Science, Physics, Philosophy